Doug Parker – Beast Tether Cars

Beast Tether Cars
About five years ago I was poking around in E-bay and came across tether cars. I thought these were just about the coolest things I had ever seen and was tired of model trains so I bought a couple of cars. One of these cars...
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Leland Wolf Investment Toys Collection

Text from Leland’s eBay About Me page. One of the most satisfying and profitable hobbies is collecting Investment Toys. These are toys the go up in value every year.I have been collecting toys all my life. The collection started with my first Hubley model farm...
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Far Out customs and what where they thinking?

Form follows function especially when speed is concerned. Just take a look at today’s bullet shaped speed demons. I guess at 200 mph who cares what it looks like.  This archive looks at what builders then and now have tried in the quest for more speed....
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Kirk F. White Collection

These cars are offered by Kirk F.White on his website here… Please send all inquiries directly to him at Address: PO Box 999 New Smyrna Beach Fl. 32170 Phone: 386-427-6660...
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Dirk Soulis Auctions and the Mid-West Collection

The Mid-West Collection offered April 19th 2008 by Dirk Soulis Auctions included three large collections of vintage toys, american indian aand a variety of antiques and collectibles....
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Milhous Tether Car Collection

Located near West Palm Beach, Florida, Bob and Paul Milhous have assembled one of the world’s most admired and extraordinary private collections, encompassing everything from valuable mechanical musical instruments to rare and important automobiles to a wide variety of Americana and collectibles. RM Auctions, in...
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