Leland Wolf Investment Toys Collection

Text from Leland's eBay About Me page. One of the most satisfying and profitable hobbies is collecting Investment Toys. These are toys the go up in value every year.I have been collecting toys all my life. The collection started with my first Hubley model farm tractor that I received for Christmas at age five.Turned on by the Hubley tractor , I have been collecting Investment Toys for sixty-four years.I always joked with everyone, when they viewed my collection of investment toys, that someday the toys would help in my retirement. Now retirement has come and the prophecy is being fulfilled. My Investment Toys have all gone up in value. It a better investment than any stock market. I started a year ago putting them for sale on EBay. The demand has been greater than I have expected. I putting them on as fast as I can. I have been maintaining an inventory of toys each month in my EBay store. Come see my valuable goodies at http://stores.ebay.com/Investment-Toys Or give me a shout at  investmenttoys@msn.com