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Tethered Cars

www.mitecars.com Mite Cars, vintage gas powered miniature race cars
www.onthewire.co.uk Homepage for tethered cars, hydroplanes and engines
www.tlctethercar.com One of the few sites you can still buy complete kits and parts for tether cars.
www.speedmodelcar.com Speed Model Car, modern racing scene
www.tethercar.com Gary Barnes Cars, kits, parts and publications
www.tethercar.net American enthusiast Guy Martin’s site.
www.americantethercar.com A web site devoted to the history and collecting of Tether Cars.
www.vectoracing Vector electric tethered car
www.britishpathe.com News reel clips and still photos of tethered cars, hydro’s and ME exhibitions on both these sites.   Use search facilities to locate relevant items.


www.bamopro.co.uk Barton Model Products a multitude of 2nd hand engines
www.gildings.co.uk Gildings Auctioneers, hold an annual engine sale
www.modelenginenews.org  Model Engine News, recommended, lots of info.
www.modelenginecollectors.org Model Engine Collectors Assoc. Worldwide Collectors Organisation
www.reginaldluycx.be Belgian enthusiast, collector and historian, Reggy Luycx
adriansmodelaeroengines Canadian model engine enthusiast and historian