Frequently Asked Questions regarding photograph submissions

What types of photos do I need to submit? The photos that you are uploading should be in whatever format is required (G-ZIP, ZIP, JPEG, GIF, PNG files, etc); Photos should have a resolution of at least 96 pixels per inch and no less then 1000 pixels wide. If you can please rotated to the correct position BEFORE you submit them. Keep in mind that the we require at least 5 photographs of each car taken around the car. Normally at 1/4 angles, a side shot, top shot and motor detail. Your welcome to add as many as you like. Please use common sense and avoid submitting photos that are: Too Artistic: That means a photos that has props  or photo-shopped text added to the image. I’ll be happy to add credit in the archive details. Too Provocative: Please don’t take photos of your car in your underwear. You would be surprised what shows up in a chromed wheels reflection. Thumbnail Sized Photos: If it’s too small to be viewed (under 300 px). It’s just going to go in the trash bin, sorry. Photographs taken inside with poor lighting: The best photos are taken outside in good sunlight. The best photos have a simple white backdrop behind and under the car. Using a simply pure white bed-sheet is usually best. Vintage photographs: You may submit digital scans of any vintage photograph regardless of size and condition. I will make every tempt to restore it it former glory. FAQ’s on Submitting Video Clips You may also upload video of your car however it may be easier to use You-Tube or other video hosting site then send me a link. By clicking (Submit) you agree to allow to use your images both online and in print with restriction.