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So what exactly is a Tether Car? Tether cars on average are between 12-24 inches long, 4-7 inches wide, and run on solid rubber tires 3-4 inches in diameter, they normally have a cast metal body usually magnesium or aluminum, but can also be fiberglass or even wood. These mighty midgets run nitro or methanol fueled model motors, with displacements between 0.09-0.61 cubic inches but some have been fitted with scale reproductions of real full scale engines and work just the same. Early engines prior to the 1960's had spark ignition systems with a coil just like your car. Later engines use glow plug ignition just like today's ever so popular RC model vehicles. The cars are tethered to a central post hitch by a steel cable and run around a circular track of 19.9 meters in diameter with current track speeds reaching 200mph


    J & L car reproduction, built by Manfred Pfefferle of Germany. The car has an original transmission with a Black Panther 60 ignition engine. Seller information 1190arlo (on ebay) SOLD ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails”]

  • Air Flow “Defender” Gas-Powered Racing Tether Car, 1940

    Tether cars, gas-powered model race cars, were popular in the 1930s and 1940s. They were raced individually while tethered to a central pivot, or against each other on a scaled-down board track. New York-based Airflow Industries advertised its “Defender” cars as the only ones “aerodynamically streamlined and wind-tunnel tested.” This design process, the company boasted, Continue Reading

  • M&E Models Premium ERA Special from 1947 Frog 500 Engine 1 of only 2 known

    The ERA body supplied to special order by M&E must be the most detailed ever for a commercial tethered car, correct even to the manufacturers badge above the radiator grill. The dummy exhaust has a minutely perforated heat shield as on the original, whilst the myriad of punched and hand cut louvres almost defies description. Continue Reading

  • M&E MODELS Bugatti Tether Car c. 1948 United Kingdom

    The Wasp was a tether car model produced by M&E Models of Exmouth with a C-class capacity engine and ‘Bugatti style’ bodywork. This particular model is in excellent condition with the original engine and is deeply reminiscent of the heyday of the gentleman racers of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The engine is a British made Continue Reading


    ORIGINAL M&E SPECIAL This is an M&E Special, supplied by M&E Models of Exmouth, Devon, who manufactured an extensive range of other models and accessories. Only two types of car were produced, the simple ‘C’Class Wasp and a larger car for motors around 5-6cc. This car was supplied with a standard chassis and running gear Continue Reading