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So what exactly is a Tether Car? Tether cars on average are between 12-24 inches long, 4-7 inches wide, and run on solid rubber tires 3-4 inches in diameter, they normally have a cast metal body usually magnesium or aluminum, but can also be fiberglass or even wood. These mighty midgets run nitro or methanol fueled model motors, with displacements between 0.09-0.61 cubic inches but some have been fitted with scale reproductions of real full scale engines and work just the same. Early engines prior to the 1960's had spark ignition systems with a coil just like your car. Later engines use glow plug ignition just like today's ever so popular RC model vehicles. The cars are tethered to a central post hitch by a steel cable and run around a circular track of 19.9 meters in diameter with current track speeds reaching 200mph